Wilson BLX Five Lite

30.000,00 ISK

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Product Description

The Five BLX Lite is one of Wilson’s most comfortable and maneuverable midplus racquets. As such it is a great option for beginners and intermediates looking for a racquet that not only swings fast but also lightens the load on tendons and joints. Thanks to its light weight and explosive delivery, power and spin come easy with this racquet. At 103 square inches, the head size offers a generous contact zone with just enough control to supply confidence on full swings. Wilson utilizes its time-tested Triad Technology to keep harsh vibrations to a minimum. From the baseline medium length strokes deliver plenty of depth. Players who swing this one fast will be rewarded with more than enough pace to drive the ball effectively through the court. At net the Five Lite combines speed and comfort to make for some very effective volleys. The light weight enables explosive stroke speed on serves, making it easy for players to hit penetrating slices and flat bombs.  All in all this is a great option for beginners and intermediates looking for a very light and user-friendly racquet with controllable power and tons of comfort.



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