Wilson Evo NXT Game Basketball (size 7)

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The next evolution of the game is here, and it starts beyond the arc with the Wilson Evo NXT Game Basketball. The Evo NXT’s revolutionary Extended Range Tech redistributes the weight of the ball with an advanced internal construction, making the ball easier to shoot from long range. Now guards are a threat the second they cross half court, and every big is a stretch big. With a Micro-Touch cover that provides an extra layer of grip and moisture management, and a Super Soft Core that provides exceptional control and a softer feel, the Evo NXT is the basketball shooters having been dreaming about.  This is the official competition ball of the final NCAA basketball tournament “March Madness” as well as the official competition ball of the FIBA Champion´s League.

EXTENDED RANGE TECH: An optimally balanced core redistributes the weight of the ball making it easier to shoot from long range, so you can pull up from deeper than ever
ENHANCED GRIP: The new Micro-Touch Cover uses an extra microscopic layer of texture on the cover to create double-layered grip
SOFT FEEL: extra cushioning allows your fingers to dig deeper into the surface for better control and a softer feel, helping every player find the shooters touch.
HIGH VISIBILITY: A new Electric Orange color allows you to track the flow of play from across the court more easily.
NO SWEAT: An advanced moisture wicking system minimalizes moisture from sweat on the cover for better grip throughout the game.
ULTIMATE CONTROL: The Evo NXT is a 100% composite leather basketball with a consistent texture across the entire cover for ultimate control.

Channel Construction Laid In Composite Leather
Cover Construction Micro-Touch Composite Leather
Playing Surface Indoor
Series Evo NXT
FIBA approved through 2023
Ball Type Game
Size 7 (29,5″)

NCAA March Madness

Basketball Champions League 2022 - FIBA.basketball


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