Wilson FIBA 3×3 Official Game Basketball

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3×3 is the game of choice on playgrounds and courts all over the world. And Wilson has a ball built for the speed and thrill of the game. We’ve paired our patented Wave Triple Threat Technology with a smaller ball spec to engineer a basketball with the kind of grip and control the energy of the 3×3 game demands.

FIBA 3×3 OFFICIAL: Approved to FIBA 3×3 specifications, official game ball of FIBA 3×3 Basketball
UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION: Meets FIBA 3×3 construction specs as a size 6 (intermediate 28.5″) ball with the weight of a size 7 (official 29.5″) ball
WAVE TECH: Wave Triple Threat Technology uses grooves in the ball’s surface to maximize easy to find grip points
ELEVATED GRIP: Pebbled Channels give 100% surface coverage of pebbling for maximized grip points
OUTDOOR: Built to dominate the outdoor basketball environment

Channel Construction Pebbled Rubber
Cover Construction All Surface
Ball Size FIBA Official – 28.5″
Playing Surface Outdoor
Series FIBA 3×3
Ball Type Game
Affiliation FIBA


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