Wilson Pro Staff 97 v.13 tennis racket

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Wilson adds another chapter to the lighter, faster version of Federer’s racket. Named the Pro Staff 97 v13, this racket’s construction and stringbed have been tweaked for 2020, but the essential spec profile remains the same. Like the previous generation, this 332 grams (strung) stick provides intermediate and advanced players with a surprisingly maneuverable entry point into the feel and precision of the Pro Staff universe. Updated with Braid 45, this racket’s graphite and aramid fibers have been strategically woven at a 45 degree angle to enhance feel, pocketing and stability. The Pro Staff 97 v13 also benefits from Wilson’s String Mapping technology, which creates denser spacing in the hitting area for a more predictable and controlled response. Thanks to its speedy 321 RDC swingweight, the Pro Staff 97 comes around fast on groundstrokes while still offering decent stability against higher levels of pace. It also has a tad more control than the previous version, which translates into greater confidence on full cuts. Compared to Federer’s heavier RF97, this racket is slightly more user-friendly when hitting shots on the run or whipping up the required stroke speed for effective spin. The Pro Staff 97 v13 also shines at net where it packs a great balance between speed and stability, with enough touch for malicious droppers. All in all, with incremental tweaks to the feel and response, Wilson has created an impressive update to the Pro Staff 97. Players looking for a speedy player’s racket with controllable power and great feel should give this update a serious look.

Head Size: 97 in² / 626 cm²
Length: 27in / 68,5cm
Strung Weight: 332g / 11,7oz
Unstrung Weight: 315 Grams/11,1 ounces
Balance: 32cm / 7 pts HL
Unstrung Balance: 31cm/10 pts HL
Swingweight: 321
Grip size: 4 1/4 (2)
Stiffness: 66
Beam Width: 21,5mm / 21,5mm / 21,5mm
Composition: Graphite braided with aramid
Racket Colours: Black
Grip Type: Wilson Pro Performance
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
Tension: 22-27kg / 50-60lb


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