Wilson Steam 100 BLX2 tennis racket

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The Steam 100 is designed for the champion that utilises power and spin but requires a lighter playing weight for maximun spin potential. Power, spin and a unique feel are all interwoven in this lightweight package. the Steam 100 racket sets the new standard for the next generation of power & spin players.

BLX is all about FEEL. BLX technology uses Basalt fibers combined with proprietary frame, grommet and grip technologies to provide the perfect feel. Basalt, a natural material, is interwoven with Karophite Black to create the most advanced composite in the industry. Basalt offers unmatched frequency reduction while retaining the best carbon fiber performance in terms of lightness, repsonsiveness, stability and rigidity. BLX therefore filters out unwanted extreme frequencies, meaning that the racket is able to deliver much cleaner feedback and a far better sensation – for the perfect feel!

Head: 100 sq inches
Weight: 290g unstrung, 305g. strung
Grip size: 4 1/4″ (2)
Beam: 23mm
Length: 27.25 inches
String pattern:   16×20
Comp: Graphite & Basalt


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